March/April 2009

  • MINIMUM TILLAGE + MIMIMUM EXPENSE = MAXIMUM EXPENSE. VanSchaik reviews various conservation tillage methods and which ones are best for wildlife.
  • MUSHROOMING. Dave Sefton looks at wild mushrooms and provides info on season indicators, where to look, edible types, components for growth.
  • HIGH TECH FISH DIETS: A JESSE WEST PROJECT. Justin VanDeHey, Mark Fincel, and Dave Willis discuss wild fish food diets, collecting fish stomach contents, stable isotope analyses of fins , scales, muscles.
  • CATTAILS. Mitchell evaluates the benefits and disadvantages of cattails, best ways of removal, evaluating when and how to remove.
  • SPRING POND CHECKLIST. Cornwell gives items and features to check each spring for pond management. Topics – winterkill, drains, spillways, valves, trees, fertilization, docks, aerators, fathead and forage fish spawning cover.
  • BEAVERS CHEW MORE THAN TREES. Greg Thrower tells about how he removed beavers digging in his pond banks.
  • THE FOOTPRINTS OF GREGG LAFITTE. Part 2. Otto explains the final tasks that complete the job for Lafitte's lake house pad, boat shed docks, stream bed with water fall, shoreline matting, drain and three duck patties.
  • ALGAE. Lusk reviews requirements, where and how it grows, and options for controlling the stringy stuff.
  • EVERYTHING REALLY DOES COME INTO PLAY. Lusk tells of using the mini-pond to enhance the small things that make up the whole pond picture.
  • DOCKS FOR ALL OCCASSIONS. Lusk does docks. How to plan good ones and items to consider when building a pier, cost estimates and what to avoid.
  • CRITICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR STOCKING LMB. Eric West introduces a new feature article reviewing fishery articles for the layman. Successful supplemental stocking advice for largemouth bass.
  • GROWING THE BEST SMALLIES. Cody looks in depth at the temperature requirements and myths for growing smallmouth bass; includes best food chain, state records, estimating weight from length.
  • BOB'S BIOLOGIST BLOG – WHAT'S NEWS. 2009 Hands On Pond Boss Conference, RFD-TV, lake mapping, Pond Boss Premier Property, King Fisher Society, Solar Bee, White Papers
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March/April 2009