May/June 2009

  • WILDLIFE DISEASES, WARM WEATHER AND WETLANDS. VanSchaik discusses host vectors diseases of wildlife around ponds including blue tongue, bird flu, - Prevention and control options were explored.
  • BULLFROGS. Lusk recalls his first experience with bullfrogs. Tells of frog predators and lifestyles.
  • SPRINGTIME AND SPAWNING. Willis tells of spawning schedule of the common freshwater fish: pike, walleye, smallmouth, crappie, largemouth, bluegill, pumpkinseed bullheads, catfish.
  • TURING YELLOW PERCH INTO GOLD. Mitchell and Larry Lynch tell how Pagosa Lakes overabundant yellow perch were manages to produce a better fishery, plus fish harvest advice.
  • THE LIVES OF BABY FISH. Cornwell discusses life styles of newly hatched fish, included are food habits and who eats whom
  • PROFEFSSIONAL LAKE MAPPING. Lusk provides reasons for having your lake mapped. Topics include dredging, restoration, calculating volume, sedimentation, licensing for dam, structure placement, costs, the basic technique.
  • FISHING HOLE OF THE PRAIRIE. Otto tells of the design and the construction story of the lake for Dr. Dan Bolin.
  • WEIGHT... RELATIVELY SPEAKING. Lusk defines relative weight, how to calculate it, why and what to do with the information.
  • SMALL PONDS... MANY OPTIONS. Lusk says small ponds are versatile and can be fun ponds.
  • BEAUTIFUL POND OR GREAT FISHERY... COULD BOTH BE POSSIBLE? R.Lynn Guillory explains how he renovated a shallow scenic 4 acre pond into a designer fly fishing pond.
  • TEMPORARILY DOWNSIZING POND CARE. Dave Beasley highlights the pros and cons of expanding or reducing your pond efforts explaining how to assess a balanced fishery. Help for culling panfish and predators, adjusting the feeding program, aeration, and managing underwater salad.
  • KEY IS MANAGEABLE POPULATION DENSITIES AND FOOD SUPPLY. West reviews new research for trophy fish management of largemouth.
  • SMALLMOUTH BASS NESTING HABITS. Part 2. Cody tells about requirements, nest building, and numerous details needed for good spawning of smallmouth.
  • HOOKED ON FISHING PARK. Nate Herman tells about a fish rearing area in central IL was remodeled for a place to teach kids fishing.
  • HISTORY REPEATS IN A SUNFISH SORT OF WAY. Dave Sefton recalls his early fishing days and gives details how he build a bluegill honeyhole.
  • THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. Survey Summary. Lusk reveals results and feedback from a reader survey.
  • BOB'S BIIOLOGIST BLOG. Lynda McGill-Fitzpatrick winner of PBoss conference trip, TwinTroller boat highlighted, Green monster fish light, Sulphur Fish Hatchery OK catfish harvest, snipe picture.
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May/June 2009