July/August 2009

  • VALUABLE RIPARIAN ECOSYSTEMS. VanSchaik describes the benefits of riparian, wetland and upland ecosystems.
  • THREADFIN SHAD. Lusk gives facts for producing big bass using threadfin shad.
  • THE STORY OF BREMER POND. Dwight Bremer and Dr. Willis document the creation of a unique 5 acre gravel pit pond in MN.
  • WATER AS GOLD. Mitchell reviews water use restrictions and associated water removal regulations. Discusses augmentation ponds, prior appropriation, and evaporative losses.
  • A TANGLED WEB... YOUR UNDERWATER CHAIN OF EVENTS. Cornwell compares and explains differences between food chain and food webs.
  • PICKING THE RIGHT BOAT. Lusk tells how to choose a useful pond boat with examples for purpose, type of uses, practicality, costs, and safety. Numerous examples and types are provided.
  • THE CHAMP. Otto tells how he renovated Mike Champ's 23 year old pond having nutrient, silt, excess plants, constant low oxygen, and geese problems
  • SEEING PAST YOUR POND'S WATER VISIBILITY IN A NEW POND. Bob Mc Farland recalls his four year struggles to get clear water a new murky pond having 3 inches of visibility.
  • HOT SUMMERS SMALL WATERS. Lusk suggests things to watch for during hot weather, especially in smaller ponds.
  • MIXED USE PONDS – WATER STEWARDSHIP. Rich Dennis gives uses for stored water and explains the benefits of aeration and ozone.
  • WANT TO BUILD A POND? PLANNING THE PERFECT FISHING HOLE. Lusk tells what things to consider for a pond before moving any dirt.
  • SMALLMOUTH BASS FROM EGGS TO FRY. Cody describes the spawning process, egg hatch, and early development of smallie fry and their habits up to one inch long.
  • CONFERENCE PROGRAM COMING TOGETHER. Lusk provided highlights of the 3rd Pond Boss conference in 2009.
  • RELATIVE WEIGHT RELEVANCE. West describes the finer points of using relative weight – Wr_- for assessing bluegills.
  • BOB'S BIOLOGIST BLOG. Purina's best fish contest, bluegill eye with nematode worm, Tulsa Fin and Feather club reviewed, Otterbine's Equinox spray pattern, the rudd or roach fish.
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July/August 2009