September/October 2009

  • FLY FISHING YOUR POND. Lusk with help of George Glazener tells how to get started fly fishing for beginners. Benefits of pond fly fishing.
  • TURTLES. Lusk highlights some of the turtles common in ponds.
  • THE STORY OF BREMER POND. Dwight Bremer and Dr. Willis explain the details and results of a winter under ice water temperature and dissolved oxygen survey on Bremer's unique gravel pit pond.
  • THE SHELL GAME IN POND MANAGEMENT. Mitchell discusses shellfish, snails, mussels and clams in pond habitats. Natural history, biology, reproduction, and exotics.
  • BACK TO JACKS. Cornwell describes four methods to survey fish in Daugherty gravel pit..
  • SNARING NUISANCE ANIMALS. VanSchaik tells all about snares. Goals, types, sizes, location, proper setting, mistakes, costs.
  • PUSHING YOUR SMALL WATERS. Lusk takes us to Aaron Matos' productive 0.1 acre Arizona pond and explains how he raises smallmouth bass.
  • REAL WORLD RENOVATION. Otto describes how he rebuilt ponds for Gibson brothers and Jack Crozier in Texas.
  • SHOULD WE START OVER? Lusk tells about the things to consider for fixing a troubled fishery. Keep fish, corrective restock and cull or eradicate and restart.
  • SMALLMOUTH... FINGERLINGS TO JUVENILE. Cody provides details for growing 1" to 6" smallies. Compatible fish, habitat, availability, foods, growth, and stocking numbers.
  • CATCHABILITY AND HEREDITY. West explains how angling, selection, aggressiveness, and heredity affect catchability of bass. Ideas to improve angling success.
  • BOB'S BIOLOGIST BLOG. Floating island update, flathead catfish spawn in Texas lake, Johnny Tanner pond update, Jigger fishing, Otterbine's new website, Mark Griffin switches jobs.
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September/October 2009