November/December 2009

  • PLAN, CHECK, AND RECHECK FOR SHARED POND SUCCESS. Richard Paterson gives some good advice for planning and checking details before building a pond.
  • SEEING WHAT YOUR POND SAYS – NUANCES. Lusk explains pond nuances and how to develop ways of knowing them.
  • FISH BIOLOGY 102. GROWTH. Lusk and Willis look at the likely factors that most influence growth. Cover intermediate growth, population density, temperature, average growth of wild fish, and habitat influences.
  • WETLANDS AND FARM PONDS... OMG? Mitchell discusses dealing with US laws and Army corps for ponds and associated wetlands. Tells about the tools to help get permits. Insightful suggestions for renovating old, building new ponds and dealing with preconstruction notice. Tips for projects to meet exemption criteria.
  • A POND OF CANNIBALS. Cornwell tells an informational story about his three walleye fingerling production ponds.
  • GOT HOGS? VanSchaik tells all about wild hogs. History, diet, habits, reproduction, trapping, and value.
  • POND BOSS CONFERENCE AND EXPO III. Lusk gives highlights of the 3rd successful PB Convention.
  • CONVERTING TO SMALLMOUTH IN TEXAS. Lusk tells how he converted a ¼ acre hatchery holding pond into an experimental pond for smallmouth in north central Texas.
  • THREE STRIKES I'M OUT. Otto tells why he had to twice repair the same washout in a dam – dispersible clay.
  • HARMONY UNDER WATER. Lusk highlights Lobaugh's 3 acre pond where all features are in harmony to produce very nice bass, bluegill, redear sunfish and even black crappie. He notes what features to examine for your pond.
  • GROWING SMALLIES INTO TROPHIES . Cody tells what it takes to grow great smallies in almost any pond. Details life span, habitat, fish interactions, growth rates, natural foods, Included are 5 rules for growing smallies.
  • UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES. West discusses some of the things that can happen when management actions to not go as planned; total balance is important includes predator - prey example.
  • BOB'S BIOLOGIST BLOG. New water circulator, Donate to Jesse West Foundation, Harrell Arms dies, Honeycutt land for sale in NC, Shawn Svob Bagdad address, Largemouth with unusual egg mass.
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November/December 2009