January/February 2010

  • LOS AMIGOS. A RANCH FOR FRIENDS. Bob McFarland reviews Fred Middleton's 1200ac ranch and ponds, 5 lakes, boathouse and wildlife.
  • WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY FISH? Lusk explains what to look for if your fish have health problems. Gives symptoms of bad water quality, differences between gasping and lethargic. 12 reasons for emaciated fish and two types of diseases.
  • BLUEGILL SIZE AND AGE AT MATURITY. N.R. Peterson, J.A. VanDetley, & Willis discuss important information about bluegill size, maturity, and rate of growth from four water bodies.
  • A QUICK METHOD TO CREATE MORE AQUATIC HABITAT. Shawn Banks explains all about how to use duck bills for anchoring brush - tree structure.
  • AFTER WORK QUANTITY. Cornwell explains the benefits of having and producing a quality bass fishing pond utilizing smaller bass.
  • FEEDING WILDLIFE IN WINTER. VanSchaik gives lots of good information of why and how to feed wildlife in winter; includes upland game birds, waterfowl and deer.
  • WHAT A GIRL WANTS. Nicki Braun shares the wife's perspective of how her husband changed city slicker to pond guy.
  • DOES GREEN ALWAYS MEAN CLEAN? Patrick Simmsgeiger explains the pros and cons of natural and chemical management methods. Deal with problems not symptoms. Advice for locating pond contractors.
  • THE MR GOODWRENCH POND... PAY NOW OR PAY FOR IT LATER. Otto tells three stories why preplanning before building a pond are very important.
  • SMALLIE POND REHAB COMPLETE. Lusk tells about using finishing touches for making a ¼ acre northern Texas pond for smallmouth; includes habitat features, and stocking. Update for this pond is in Nov-Dec 2010 issue.
  • A SMALL POND SUCCESS STORY. Rick Jackson tells how he built a one acre pond and caught a 7.5 lb bass 39 months later. Includes helpful hints list of 7 items.
  • FISH DON'T TWEET. Brad Wiegmann tells of benefits of pond fishing, where to fish the fish, and how to catch bass.
  • PONDS, CLIMATE AND LARGEMOUTH BASS GROWTH. West gives some insight of how bass growth is affected during wet and dry years.
  • BOB'S BIOLOGIST BLOG. A. Ponds and Water Based Conservation Act 2009 HR 3622. B. Clean Water Restoration Act. C. 12 lb+ Golf course bass. D. Hang a shore based fish feeder. E. Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.
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January/February 2010