July/August 2010

  • JUST WHAT YOU NEEDED FOR YOUR POND... AN RAS. Cecil Baird tells how he built a recirculating aquaculture fish tank in his basement. Good how to info. Reference for Small Scale Aquaculture book.
  • WATER SNAKES. Lusk provides numerous details about snakes living in and around water bodies.
  • SMALLMOUTH BASS AND PUMPKINSEEDS. Will Schreck, Brian Graeb and Willis look at some test results about smallmouth bass growth before and after introduction of pumpkinseed sunfish.
  • TAGGING BASS. Greg Grimes tells about tagging fish, its benefits, and where to get tags.
  • SOME LIKE IT HOT. Cornwell describes growth of warmwater fish in northern ponds, with emphasis on catfish and largemouth bass growth.
  • PREPARING FOR FALL & WINTER WATERFOWL. VanSchaik tells how develop good habitat and natural food items for concentrating waterfowl, game and non game birds. Describes shallow flooded impoundments, best crops, and supplemental feeds.
  • DUCKWEED ISN'T DUCKY. Lusk takes a close look at duckweed and watermeal plus describes a homemade duckweed corral, and some good herbicides for control.
  • MAKING A CANE FISHING POLE. Lusk explains how to make a cane pole from river cane plants that grew in Oklahoma.
  • PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT. Lusk describes raking weeds out of a mini-pond as an alternative to using chemicals in the mid-summer heat.
  • HYBRID WATER LILIES. Part 2. Cody discusses the types of hybrid water lilies, size groups, leaf and depth spread, planting, dividing and transplanting methods.
  • MIRACLES HAPPEN. Otto relates a story about building a small lake in the dry, rain parched Rio Grande Valley and the four miracles that allowed the hole to hold water.
  • HABITAT DEGREDATION AND RESTORATION – AVOIDING AGING PROBLEMS. West compares a national study of degradation of large water bodies and how it relates to smaller ponds and lakes. Important features to examine for improving and preserving conditions are: siltation, structural habitat, eutrophication, water regime, and aquatic plants. Additional active management items are included to avoid degradation problems.
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July/August 2010