September/October 2010
  • GREAT BLUE HERON. Cecil Baird explains about the biology of herons and some non-lethal control methods.
  • STOCKING A VARIETY OF SUNFISH. Lusk presents information and discussion for stocking eight species of sunfish: bluegill, redear, redbreast, rock bass, warmouth, fliers, pumpkinseed and green sunfish.
  • VOLUNTEER FOR A NORTHERN POND EXPERIMENT? Willis and Lusk seek a person with a sand and gravel pit to increase productivity and test dissolved oxygen during winter ice cover.
  • SIX MUST HAVE POND LURES. Brad Wiegmann looks at the best, most reliable fishing lures: floating minnows, crankbaits, spinnerbait, jigs, plastic worms, topwater poppers.
  • WHO OWNS YOUR FISH? Cornwell looks at who legally owns fish in private ponds located in various states.
  • POWERLINES AND WILDLIFE. VanSchaik discusses the ecological impact of power transmission lines and towers.
  • INVENTORY YOUR FISH. Lusk reviews the pond set up at LL2 and how a small group of girls learned teamwork and some fish management tasks.
  • STOCKING FISH FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES. Lusk tells how to make good decisions of moving fish from one pond to another. Presents pros and cons of transferring adult fish, considering numbers, lifestyles, and ages of the fish.
  • THINK INSTABILITY. Lusk explains how ponds can be stable and yet exhibit rapid changes to cause problems. He provides some guidance of how to plan for the instability.
  • AQUATIC PEST CONTROL... THE TIMES ARE A' CHANGING. Mitchell reviews the proposed new USEPA laws for applying all chemical and microbiological agents to ponds. Good reading for all those that apply chemicals to ponds.
  • THOSE DAM PIPES. Otto tells stories of seven lakes that were reduced to mud holes due to a poorly maintained drain – overflow pipes. Dams almost always fail first at the drain pipe. Provides don'ts for drainpipes, and what to look for to prevent problems.
  • HUNGER AND FEAR – THE ROLE OF PREDATION ON FISH BEHAVIOR. West reviews a couple important factors affecting fish predation.
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September/October 2010