November/December 2010

  • SOMETIMES YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL. Jeff Slipke describes and interesting fishery in a AR 30 ac pond containing 15 species of fish. Good fishery with too few bass; an unusual natural fertility situation producing lots of quality fish.
  • WHAT IS A BLOOM? Lusk goes over the basics of a phytoplankton bloom, includes causes, reasons to fertilize, explains a good bloom, how to read a bloom, relates negative points of blooms.
  • STATE RECORD FISHES FROM SMALL PRIVATE WATERS. Willis and Lusk report record sized warm and cool water fish from small waters in 33 states. They examine how state records change by latitude.
  • LUNKER LAKE... RICHARD WESTBURY BUILDS HIS DREAM GETAWAY. Doug Rogers and Lusk relate how a pond in SC went from a dream to completion. Included are enclosed pond house, fire pit and dock/deck.
  • WINTERKILL... AGAIN. Cornwell takes his fisheries management class to see an ice snow covered pond in the process of winterkill. Cause and test results are presented.
  • DEER CENSUS. VanSchaik provides excellent advice about deer surveys – importance, sampling methods, population trends, population index, direct census, density, sex ratios, ages class, quality buck index, and management plans. Excellent reading for applying population ecology to fish management.
  • EAT, SLEEP, FISH FOR BREAM. Brad Wiegmann tells of the benefits and joys of fishing for sunfish. Includes seasonal locations, various baits - lures, gear, number one bait, a trick to get them to bite.
  • POND BOSS CONFERENCE IV. Lusk previews the fourth Pond Boss Conference.
  • EXPERIMENTS FROM SHEPHERD'S POND. Bruce Kania tells about development of a fishery in a 6.5 ac MT pond with wetland. The pond has a window down to 11 ft deep where he shares some of the observations of the food chain at these depths. Crappie yellow perch, minnows, chubs, and cutthroat trout are mentioned.
  • UPDATE ON LL2 SMALLMOUTH BASS POND. Lusk reports the results of his experimental mini pond for growing smallmouth bass. Provides some ideas for new management plans.
  • LET'S GET THOSE DAM PIPES FIXED. Otto discusses repair options for leaking dam pipes. Provides several examples of fixes.
  • WHERE YOUNG SMALLMOUTH BASS GO - THE ROLE OF PREDATION. West provides new information from research about structure selection and habitat requirements of newly hatched smallmouth bass.
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November/December 2010