January/February 2011
The January-February 2011 issue of Pond Boss is loaded with timely information. Learn how flocks of geese impact your waters. Learn how to figure if your bass are overcrowded and then what to do. Hungry bass? Should you feed them live rainbow trout? Get some answers. Should you add a different genetic strain of fish to your fishery? Want to know why ice floats and how water temperature impacts your waters? Trying to establish quail on your property? How important is maintaining your dam? Nutria, Beavers…so what? All these and our regular columns in this issue of Pond Boss magazine! Subscribe now! It will be the cheapest $35 you’ve ever spent. We promise.

In This Issue:

  • Overpopulated & Overcrowded Bass? - We've got the guidelines to help.
  • Largemouth Haute Cuisine - Feeding trout to bass.
  • Ice Fishing? Fish On! - Making the most of your frozen pond.
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January/February 2011