March/April 2017

In This Issue:

Low Maintenance Lake Design

Oxygen Depletion: A Real Problem for Ponds

Science Based Pond Management: Dietary Habits and Growth of Channel Catfish

The Blue-Green Algae Dilemma in Fertilized Sportfish Ponds

Many Sides to Algaecides

Fish Aging

Long Term vs Short Term Management of Unsightly Algae

Don't Stop Now!

Pond Management Adventures

Before You Dig- Construction Lessons Revisted

Dyeing a Pond

A Dream Come True- Part 1

Ponds are Born to Die: Pond Natural Succession

Fishing for the Next Generation

Take Two

Gone Fishing! How to get the Hook on the Line

Coming Soon- The Colors and Sounds of Spring!

Supplemental Feeding- Basics

Grandma's Shrimp Recipe

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March/April 2017