July/August 2017

In This Issue:

Building Bigger Bass


Raised Fishing- Private Water Management and Professional Bass Fishing

Water Analysis Reports for Sportfish Ponds

Berekley Lake Restoration- 2nd chances Part 1 of 3

Fish Competition

A Young Fishery with a Bright Future Part II Results after Three Years of Management

Wildlife and Taxes

Grass Carp, for You?

So You Want a Trout Pond?

Your Pond in the Dog Days of Summer

Been There, Here's That

Baptism by Dirt...and Water

Do Fish Genetics need to be refreshed?

Our Planting Plan

Beavers, Swamps and Pond Management

I'm Hopelessly Devoted to Blue-- Bluebirds that is!

Evolution in Ponds- Fast and Furious?

Twice-Baked Crawfish Potatoes
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July/August 2017