September/October 2017

In This Issue:

What's in a Dock?

Practical Use of Relative Weight- How to Make Science Relevant with Your Pond

What Laregmouth Bass Should I Stock?

Climate Change and Sportfish Ponds

Berekely Lake Restoration- 2nd Chances Planning, Implementation and Lessons Learned Part 2 of 3

How Plump is that Fish?

On Hidden Pond

Are Genetics Important? Big Buck$ Think So

Size Matters: Bass Behavior changes with size

Will Trout Spawn in My Pond?

How'd those fish get here?

Red Rover, Red Rover, Let's Move this Pond Over

Catching Your Pond's Fish, Instinctively

Alternative Management Strategies for Tiny Ponds


Attracting Winged Wonders

Spawning Survival Manipulation

Serrano Pepper Jelly
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September/October 2017