November/December 2017

In This Issue:

Pond Boss VII Conference and Expo is in the Books

Sunfish Babies

Trophy Largemouth Bass Fishery Keys to Sustainability

Do Microbial Amendments Improve Water Quality in Ponds?

Giant Bluegills- Genetics of Plasticity? Do some Bluegills Grow Huge Because of Genetics or Environment?

Trout Pond Considerations

Berkeley Lake Restoration- 2nd Chances Part 3 of 3

Hunting Preserves on Wildlife Management Lands

Counting Fish: How to Know You Get What You Pay for

When Summer Strikes

Should My Mini-Pond Be Larger?

Pipe Down! Another Pipe Repair

Diesel-Powered, Track Laying, Earth-Moving Machine

Using Angling Data Part 1: Size Structure

Fish in the Winter

Tricks to Attracting Bats

Harvey's Floods: What did Floodwaters do to area lakes and ponds?

Goals, Goals, Goals

Smoked Salmon Dip
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November/December 2017