July/August 2018

In This Issue:

A Mutual Commodity

How Much Underwater Grass is Enough?

Lessons Learned from Fish Kills

Bacteria in Fish Ponds

Recipe for a Dam

The Real Skinny on Micro-Managing Fat Fish

What Do Bass Really Eat? Stomach Contents of Largemouth Bass

Attracting Waterfowl with Wild Aquatic Plants

Amending your Pond's Constitution... Lime is Lime, Right?

Fishing the Spawn

In the Rain- Properties of Rainwater

Those Hatchery Ponds, all in a Row

Loose Ends

Giving Old Land a New Life

Beth's Corner- Finding Freedom and Purpose at Water's Edge

Why You Should Take a Child Fishing Today!



New Pond Growth

Mom's Peach Pie
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July/August 2018