January/February 2019

In This Issue:

Rotenone: Starting a Lake Over. How this Decision was Made

Aquatic Plant Primer

All Female Bass: A Tale of Trophy-Size Fish

Agricultural Limestone Terminology

Largemouth Bass Movement in Flooding Events

What's Happening Under that Ice?

Practicing What We Preach

Driving and Wildlife Interface

Your Pond's Purpose

A Key Management Tool

Bringing Down Deep Up- On the Cheap

Status Quo

A Good Time to Inspect and Repair

Thoughts From Beth: Observations from the Pond Boss Forum (with a little Michelangelo tossed in)

Floating Islands: Clearer Water and More Fish?

Where Does Pond Water Come From?

Winter Tips to Helping Feathered Friends

Stocking Feed Trained Fish

Al Allison's Sauteed Bass Louisiana
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January/February 2019