January/February 2020

In This Issue:

Florida Pond Make Over

All Sunfish are Basically the Same, Right?

Hatching Walleye in Kansas

The pH of Pond Water

Siphon This!

Stocking Walleye

Trophy Hybrid Striped Bass in Small Impoundments

Human Injuires and Fatalities from WIldlife?

What Not to Do at Higher Levels

How to Decide your Goals

Crashing into Winter- How does Pond Water Mix?

Big Topics from the Pond Boss Forum: Ideas for Pond Catch Record Keeping

Digging Deep into Water... Literally

The First Institute of Higher Pondology

When Ponds Attack

Plankton- Do I Really Need Them in my Pond?

Listen Closely- "Hoo Hoo is That Calling Tonight"

Winter Year Class

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January/February 2020