January/February 1995

  • Cover Story. Fly Your Own F-1 Hybrid. Notes, discussion and comparison of Florida bass and it's F-1 hybrid; benefits & biology discussed.
  • Top Off With Talapia. Benefits of using tilapia as forage for growing trophy bass.
  • PBoss Field Notes. A. World record redear caught, 5 lb 4 oz. B. Private lakes yield big bass. C. Electroshockers find 10 lb 5 oz bass in Lk Grapevine near D/FW airport. D. Ray Scott built new lake.
  • Ask PBoss. A. How to fix a leaky/mushy dam. B. Reader gets advice for catching elusive 10 to 15 lb bass. C. Golden shiners explored for bass pond. D. Reducing clay-turbidity.
  • PBoss Survey 1995.
  • Workshops Set To Begin. PB seminars for spring 95.
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January/February 1995