March/April 1995

  • Cover Story. Texas Bass Record Falls. What mgmt techniques H. Arms used in Mills County 80 ac Lk to produce 15.7 lb bass. Insert: Run silent, run deep. Trophy angler describes his favorite fishing method.
  • Obituary for John H.Clift. OK - TX journalist.
  • Customers Write. A. Praise from AL, TX. B. KY pond described.
  • Fee Fishing Beckons. Advice for operating a fee fishing pond.
  • PBoss Field Notes. A. Harrel Arms named Pres. of TX Aquaculture Asoc. B. Trout stocking for fall in ponds. C. Supplementary feeding produces 22"" catfish in 10 months. D. Fish find structure quick.
  • Ask PBoss: Dealing with increasing algae problems. Short profile of Bob Langjahr at Aquatic Biologists Inc.
  • Pond Boss Trouble Shooter. Hints for improving pond with too little shoreline.
  • Readers Speak Out. Results of Reader Survey.
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March/April 1995