The Pond Boss VII Conference Program

This year's Pond Boss Conference Program is one you won't want to miss. Check out the session topics below and be sure to come back and visit this page often, as speaker information and further topics will continue to be added. We hope to see you in October!

Session Topics:

It All Starts With Water

Water and Its Majesty - Absorb how water behaves, explained from the perspective of seasoned professionals who work with the wet stuff every day. Aeration ways and means.

The In’s and Out’s of Pond Construction

So, you’re thinking about building a Pond? From plans to pitfalls to fulfilling your dreams, listen as these experts take you through the process. Case studies and real world projects dominate this session.

Pond Management 101

Okay, you have a dream…and you have some water. Take notes as these experts create your roadmap of successful pond management fundamentals that are sure to lead you from Point A to Point Z.

Pimp Out Your Pond 

Amenities: Preview the latest toys, joys and creative touches from the experts that can transform your watering hole to the perfect oasis. Add a little bling to make your lake sparkle.

Wade In: A Deeper Look at Managing Your Pond

This session will clear up the muddied waters around the finer points of fisheries management, growing big fish and science-based strategies to accomplish your goals. We’ll cover habitat, food chain, genetics and harvest, digging into the details of each of these fundamental concepts.

Make Waves with Your Master Pond Plan

Customizing management strategies with a budget, timeline and goals. Planning beyond the moment, learning how to adjust and shift a master plan as circumstances dictate.

The Underwater Salad Bar

Aquatic plants - what we want, what we need and how to hedge your strategies for a healthy balance.

Wildlife Management and Attracting Wildlife

Start scouting out the best spot to mount your outdoor camera. We’ll be sharing tips and strategies for attracting wildlife, waterfowl and songbirds…plus a little bit about the bee’s knees.


In addition to the above topics, the spouses’ activities will showcase the best that surrounding Montgomery has to offer.