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Looking for something specific about pond management?  Chances are… someone has written about it in the pages of Pond Boss magazine.

Born as a newsletter in July, 1992, Pond Boss magazine has emerged as the go-to source for all things pond.  In our archives, we have a long list of back issues, loaded with practical information you can use. Want to know how to make a cane pole, fertilize a southern pond, figure out if your fish are growing or not? Maybe how to identify aquatic plants or how to build a beach? Pond Boss has it.  Take a look at each year’s list of published articles and dig deeper into those things you want to know.  Pond Boss back issues archives has it.  More than 110 issues* of great information, at your beck and call.

Note: * If the back issue you select has completely sold out, we will substitute a photocopy facsimile of the entire issue, bound and trimmed in magazine style.

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March/April 1996
March/April 1996
Issue Date:
March 1, 1996
  • Cover Story. Great Scott. B.A.S.S. Founder Built Pond in Mid-60's. Ray Scott pond building described.
  • The Plot Thickens. Mapping Your Lake is a Management Tool. How to ceate a contour map of your lake-pond. Plus calc. water volume of lake.
  • Spring Thaw. Big Chill '96' leaves varied problems.
  • Mercury Alert. Public health warning extends to private ponds. Mercury problems in some TX ponds & lakes.
  • Georgia Ponds Lure Flyrodders. Callaway Gardens offers fly fishing adventure.
  • WEED PATROL. A. Illinois reasearch bugs milfoil. B. Benefits of weedbeds to fish noted.
  • POND TO PLATE. Peppered Catfish (on the grill).
  • Customers Write.
  • Beavers expand range, incease numbers in TX.
  • ASK PBOSS. Check alkalinity before fertilizing and otter explained.
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