Welcome!  Download an audio podcast to your computer or IPod and listen as Pond Boss editor and fisheries biologist, Bob Lusk, pulls up a chair and entertains, educates and informs as he visits with experts and celebrities on a variety of topics guaranteed to make you chuckle as you absorb the wit and wisdom he and his guests offer.


Pond Boss Introduction
Bob Lusk and Mike Otto


Consideration for Building a Pond
Bob Lusk and Mike Otto

Differences Between a Dam
and a Lake

Bob Lusk and Mike Otto


Leaky Ponds
Bob Lusk and Mike Otto

What's in a Dam
Bob Lusk and Mike Otto

They're Growing Giant Bluegills at
Richmond Mill Lake

Bob Lusk with Dr. Bruce Condello


Talkin' Shop with a TV Icon
Bob Lusk and outdoor TV star, Alan Warren

Cutting Edge Fisheries Management & Research
Bob Lusk with wildlife and fisheries educator,
Dr. Dave Willis


Life by the Ponds
Bob Lusk and wife, Debbie Lusk


Fish & Tell...an Outdoor Writer's Perspective
Bob Lusk with outdoor writer, Jim Gronaw

The Only Thing Between You and
the Fish is the Tackle!

Bob Lusk and fishing tackle expert,
TJ Stallings


On Building Your Lake... Plan to Expect
the Unexpected

Bob Lusk with long-time Pond Boss subscriber, friend and writer, Bob McFarland

Swappin' Stories with
the "Bass Boss"

Bob Lusk with the lengendary founder of B.A.S.S., Ray Scott


Answers, Advice & an Extended Family...
The Pond Boss 'Ask the Boss' FORUM

Bob Lusk with Forum moderator, friend, and
natural resources attorney, Eric West