If you own or manage private waters - or provide products or services to those who do - Pond Boss magazine and pondboss.com are for you!  And there is no shortage of readers and advertisers who agree:


Pond Boss Readers Weigh In:

"I love Pond Boss magazine! If you have a pond, you need this magazine."
-Ray Scott, founder of B.A.S.S. and father of bass fishing, Alabama

"I've subscribed to Pond Boss since its inception in 1992. I read every issue and always come away with at least a nugget or two of information I can actually use to better my favorite fishing holes."
-Mack Turner, Texas

"Love your magazine and organization...! Ever since Nate Herman of Herman Brothers Pond Management in Peoria introduced me to Pond Boss - it has made a tremendous impact on my lake management stratagies. Thanks for providing such a great resource!"
-David Van Acker, Illinois

"I read Pond Boss cover to cover. You are doing an excellent job."
- Dr. Joe Lock, Texas

“After years of frustration and guessing with how to manage our lake, we subscribed to your magazine. Quickly we realized we needed to hire a biologist and get good data on our lake. We found Malcolm Johnson through your magazine. With Malcolm’s consulting help our lake is on the road to recovery and our fish are growing again”
-Warren and Dori Blesh, Texas


What a Few of Our Advertisers Are Saying:

“Vertex Water Features, along with several of our lake aeration/floating fountain distributors, have been long time advertisers in both Pond Boss magazine and on the Pond Boss website. Both the print and web-based advertising Vertex does with Pond Boss has brought about not only increased sales, but also long term relationships and repeat business. Pond Boss is an outstanding resource for lead generations thanks to the constant supply of pond owners that become "hooked" on all the valuable information provided in the magazine and on-line forum.”
-Sue Cruz, Aeration Sales Manager, Vertex Water Features, 800-432-4302

“It has been great to work with Pond Boss magazine! We have gotten a tremendous response from our ads as well as from exhibiting at the Pond Boss Conference & Expo. We’re looking forward to working together in the future to help keep ponds clean and healthy!”
-John Redd, President, Outdoor Water Solutions, 866-471-1614

“Through our mutual passion for practical, environmentally responsible ponding, Still Pond Farm has tripled sales since linking up with the Pond Boss community.”
-Linda Fields, Owner/Agronomist , Still Pond Farm, 800 527 9420

“We have advertised within the pages of Pond Boss in every issue for quite some time now. In its early stages, Pond Boss was a regional publication. Within the past 5-6 years the scope of articles and readership has expanded to become one of the best sources of information for pond owners. The leads we get are highly qualified and typically result in the sale of products.”
-Bob Robinson, Fisheries Biologist, Kasco Marine, 800-621-7611

“We support Pond Boss Magazine because they focus on educating lake owners and promoting the aquaculture industry. Pond Boss consistently helps build our brand and drives new business to our national dealer network. I highly recommend advertising in Pond Boss Magazine…and you can quote me on that.”
-Chris Blood, Marketing Manager, Texas Hunter Products, 800-969-3337

“If you’re in the pond or lake product or service business, there is no better place to market than Pond Boss-the authority on pond management.”
-Greg Grimes, President, Aquatic Environmental Services, Inc., 770-735-3523

"Over the last few years, Solitude Lake Management (formerly Virgina Lake Management) has been privileged to be a part of the Pond Boss family of advertisers. We have taken advantage of both print and online opportunities and have seen a boost in our lead generation as a result. We have always been extremely pleased with the professionalism of the staff at Pond Boss and have enjoyed the benefit of placing our ads and company information in such a highly regarded publication. We look forward to continued growth through our relationship with Pond Boss."
- Kimberly Niesel, CMCA, Director of Marketing, 866-697-2584