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Looking for something specific about pond management?  Chances are… someone has written about it in the pages of Pond Boss magazine.

Born as a newsletter in July, 1992, Pond Boss magazine has emerged as the go-to source for all things pond.  In our archives, we have a long list of back issues, loaded with practical information you can use. Want to know how to make a cane pole, fertilize a southern pond, figure out if your fish are growing or not? Maybe how to identify aquatic plants or how to build a beach? Pond Boss has it.  Take a look at each year’s list of published articles and dig deeper into those things you want to know.  Pond Boss back issues archives has it.  More than 110 issues* of great information, at your beck and call.

Note: * If the back issue you select has completely sold out, we will substitute a photocopy facsimile of the entire issue, bound and trimmed in magazine style.

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November/December 1992
November/December 1992
Issue Date:
November 1, 1992
  • Letters & e-mails: A. What are a few tips to reduce a leaky pond? B. Can you eat fish after using Karmex? C. Source for Bundle flower and Englemann daisy? D. How not to repeat a "moss" problem next year.
  • BUILD YOUR OWN FISH HOTEL. How to start adding structure and fish cover to your lake. Examples of types of materials and ideas for placement.
  • Short note. Chilly Depths Demand Slow Lure Retrieves.
  • IT'S CHOW TIME FOR FISH, GAME. Pond owners feeding more wild animals. Some types of early feeders, and the benefits of maximizing the decreasing space available to wildlife. Suggested locations for feeders.
  • PAYING THE FREIGHT. How a pond owner and pond manager sponsored fish tournaments on their 7 acre lake while making new friends with visiting anglers, monitoring their fish populations and paying for their management program.
  • SURPRISE, SURPRISE! BASS RAISED ON FEED. Oklahomans keep visitors guessing. Inslee Fish Farm profiled. These guys were some of the early pioneers to raise pellet trained largemouth bass. Benefits of pellet raised bass discussed.
  • COOK'S CORNER. BadBoy Blackened Catfish. Catfish fillets seasoned and grilled (seared) in a hot skillet with only a small amount of butter.
  • NOW'S THE TIME FOR OFF SEASON PLANS. During cold temperatures some suggestions for management tasks to provide long term improvement in water bodies.
  • SHIMANO GEAR NOW REEL SMOOTH. Improvements are described to the Sustain open face reel of Shimano.
  • TROUT MAY BE AT END OF THE WINTER RAINBOW. Almost all ponds can have cheap trout action during the cold months. Benefit of holding bluegill spawn in check mentioned.
  • SHORT CASTS. A. THERE'S NO BAD-MOUTHING THE SMALLMOUTH. Richard Doss, fish farmer, of Terrell Texas uses smallmouth bass SW TX. B. Deer movement prime at 38F. C. Grass carp popular in TX. D. Trout fingerlings require 10 feedings a day.
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