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Looking for something specific about pond management?  Chances are… someone has written about it in the pages of Pond Boss magazine.

Born as a newsletter in July, 1992, Pond Boss magazine has emerged as the go-to source for all things pond.  In our archives, we have a long list of back issues, loaded with practical information you can use. Want to know how to make a cane pole, fertilize a southern pond, figure out if your fish are growing or not? Maybe how to identify aquatic plants or how to build a beach? Pond Boss has it.  Take a look at each year’s list of published articles and dig deeper into those things you want to know.  Pond Boss back issues archives has it.  More than 110 issues* of great information, at your beck and call.

Note: * If the back issue you select has completely sold out, we will substitute a photocopy facsimile of the entire issue, bound and trimmed in magazine style.

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January/February 2012
Volume XX, No. 4
Issued January 1, 2012
In This Issue:

Docks - Many reasons, depending on your wishes.
On Nothern Pond - 
Farm raised fish, compared to wild caught.
Water Chemistry - It doesn't take a PhD to understand pH.  
Managing Wildlife? - Learn about brush cover. 
Aquatic Plants - Love them or murder the underwater salad? 
Wildfires in Texas - Bastrop State Park and its new aeration system.
Does Your Pond Slow Down in the Winter? - Learn how a pond 'rests'. 
Got the Blues? - 
Bluebirds, that is? 

November/December 2011
Volume XX, No. 3
Issued November 1, 2011
In This Issue:

Fish behavior - Learn why certain fish behave different ways in your pond…
Want to catch a few fall fish? Brad Wiegmann offers tips & pointers.
What’s in your water? A second primer on water quality & basics of chemistry.  
Nesting bluegills - tips give pause to think about where to build spawning beds.
Pond Pipes - Pro's teach important maintenance issues with pond pipe systems.
Fall Harvest - Wildlife biologist Dan VanSchaik stresses the importance of harvest in a game management program.
Prehistoric Paddlefish - Learn about this fish... it might play a role in your pond. Cardinals - "Bird Man" Mel gives us tips to attract these colorful birds this winter.  

September/October 2011
Volume XX, No. 2
Issued September 1, 2011
In This Issue:
  • Managing a Pond Naturally—For budget-minded people and those who want Nature to do the work.
  • Harvesting Bass—A “must” for heathy ponds.
  • Floods and Droughts—Ponds under siege.
  • Water—Fundamental water chemistry for beginners.
  • Frogs Catch Bass—Techniques to catch your fish.
  • Feeding Wildlife this Winter—Wildlife biologist Dan VanSchaik teaches what to do.
  • Go for the Gold—Goldfinches, that is!
July/August 2011
Volume XX, No. 1
Issued July 1, 2011
In This Issue:
  • Celebrating 20 years! Join Founding Editor Mark McDonald's journey into the early years of Pond Boss.
  • Bluegills...spawn early or late?
  • Water Crisis? Indeed.
  • What to do for waterfowl.
  • Ten reasons to go native.
May/June 2011
Volume XIX, No. 6
Issued May 1, 2011
In This Issue:
  • Pond Boss IV Conference & Expo
  • Aquaponics, a New Trend for Pondmeisters
  • Grow Freshwater Prawns
March/April 2011
Volume XIX, No. 5
Issued March 1, 2011
In This Issue:
  • Pond Boss IV Conference & Expo. Keynote speaker Alan Warren, program information, silent auction.
  • Goose your Geese.  It’s what they leave behind that troubles your pond.
  • Leasing out Your Lake or Pond. An expert examines the pros and cons.
January/February 2011
Volume XIX, No 4
Issued January 1, 2011
In This Issue:
  • Overpopulated & Overcrowded Bass? - We've got the guidelines to help.
  • Largemouth Haute Cuisine - Feeding trout to bass.
  • Ice Fishing?  Fish On! - Making the most of your frozen pond.
November/December 2010
Issued November 1, 2010
September/October 2010
Issued September 1, 2010
July/August 2010
Issued July 1, 2010
May/June 2010
Issued May 1, 2010
March/April 2010
Issued March 1, 2010
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