November/December 2003

  • DESTRATIFICATION, An insurance policy for your lake by N.Latona Jr. Norm describes the basics of bottom aeration.
  • CUSTOMERS WRITE. New York Pond Completed. Creation of 1/2 ac pond in NY described.
  • "WINTERIZING YOUR POND" by S. Wyman. Things to do to the pond in fall.
  • MOVING DIRT, CREATING FISH COVER. by M.Otto. Mike describes the building of B.Lusk's new ponds with a unique core trench in dam & adding fish structure (numerous photos).
  • THE UNIVERSAL SOLVENT - Water chemistry not such a dry subject, by B.Lusk. Bob explains the basics of water for fish ponds: oxygen, alkalinity, pH, hardness.
  • POND BACTERIA MAY TREAT POND ALGAE. Example of how adding bacteria cured filamentous algae problem in a small pond.
  • TOOTHY EXOTIC FOUND IN WISCONSIN. Giant snake head found in Rock Rv.
  • NORTHERN POND. WINTERIZING YOUR POND.... Some pond mgmt tips to do in late fall & winter.
  • ARTICLE. Minnesota Reader Questions DNR. Clifford Timm asks if Bgill stop growing once they start spawning. DNR response and B.Lusks response.
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November/December 2003