March/April 2004

  • MGMT MINI POND – Shoreline Plants – Basic advise for waterside plants.
  • AVIAN VISIORS FRIEND OR FAUX. In-depth discussion of wading birds, diving fishermen, swimming/diving waterfowl, Corvids (crows ravens jays), birds of prey.
  • PB READER BUILDS BOAT by B.Lusk. Innovative aluminum pontoon boat 8'x15' deck. Serves for fishing and pond mgmt
  • TRAVELING RAINBOWS, Wintertime Fun by B.Krause. Put & Take trout stocking tips for non-trout waters.
  • HYBRID STRIPERS...A NATURAL CROSS. Benefits of HSB with tips and hints for stocking and raising.
  • ACCESSORIZE.. …RAMP UP BEFORE YOU BUILD by M.Otto. Good information, tips and numerous photos of docks and boat houses.
  • WINTER FUN by S.Wyman. Put & Take trout for some fast fishing action for the small pond during fall, winter, early spring.
  • SMALLMOUTH BASS IN POND MANAGEMENT. Part I by D.Willis. Background and the role SMB can play in ponds and small Lks.
  • SHORT ARTICLE. Kid Catches the Darndest Fish by D.Reed. TX youngster catches 3 lb, 6 lb and 8.5 lb LMB in late December.
  • KYPL - Hybrid Stripers
  • Several Myths of Fisheries Management – wind direction & fishing, fish feeding during rain, noise and scaring fish, electrofishing & affects on fish.
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March/April 2004