May/June 2004

  • MGMT MINI POND - Several fish stocking ideas for small ponds.
  • ATTRACTING AND KEEPING MORE WILDLIFE On Our Property by D.VanSchaik. Things to do to provide habitat, cover and food for extra wildlife on your land, including a listing of suggested aquatic, sub-aquatic and dry land grain plants.
  • SCALY POND DWELLERS by R.Burke. Several types of turtles, frogs, salamanders and snakes discussed.
  • GIANT LARGEMOUTH BASS by B.Lusk. Basics presented for growing trophy LMBass.
  • MANAGING FOR TREE WEBFOOTS by S. Wyman. Details and info supplied for encouraging wood ducks. Includes nesting box plans.
  • RENOVATING AND CLEANING OUT A POND by M.Otto. Numerous things to know and do when rebuilding a pond.
  • STOCKING GIZZARD SHAD FOR TROPHY LARGEMOUTH BASS by K.Nutt. Benefits are explained for using gizzard shad to produce larger bass (8+ lbs) .
  • ELECTRICITY AND WATER … A SAFE MIX? By N.Smith.. An electronics professor provides tips for placing or mounting electric devices near or in the pond to reduce chance of injury.
  • KYPL – Illinois pondweed and southern naiad discussed briefly.
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May/June 2004