July/August 2004

  • MGMT MINI POND – Stratification ….Layered Water.
  • WILDLIFE DISEASES AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT by D.VanSchaik. Basics covered about various common diseases of several bird and animal groups.
  • AQUATIC PLANTS … EMERGENT AND FLOATING LEAF VARIETIES by R.Burke. Basic types are covered and pros & cons are explored.
  • HOW MANY SPECIES DID YOU SAY? By B.Lusk. Norm Kopecky's 4 ac pond is described with abt 40 species of fish.
  • MUD IN MY POND'S EYE by S.Wyman. Methods the author used to clear a muddy pond with gypsum.
  • DRY HEAT, DRY WEATHER, FIX DIRT by M.Otto. Things that can be done to improve & repair the pond when water level is low during summer.
  • STOCKING SCENARIOS FOR SMALLMOUTH BASS Part II by D.Willis. Suggestions and guidelines for success of using SMB in pond management .
  • KYPL - BIOLOGICAL PLANT CONTROLS - briefly discusses: aeration, fertilization, white amur, cornmeal , barley straw.
  • ALGAE –Such a Simple Plant. One page of the basic info; types and controls.
  • NOTE – Spiny Water Fleas. Exotic zooplanktonic invader is explored.
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July/August 2004