September/October 2004

  • MGMT MINI POND - Silt Nature's Pond Pudding. All about silt that collects in ponds.
  • SUMMER/FALL HABITAT EVALUATION AND MAINTENANCE by D.VanSchaik. Upland habitat described, benefits noted and which animals commonly prefer each type.
  • TAMING TIGER TROUT by J.Cheever. Explanation & requirements of and uses for tiger trout.
  • HARVEST THE BOUNTY. How to know what to take, what to leave by B.Lusk. Bob explains the how and why for properly harvesting LMB to keep the population healthy and on the proper course toward your goals.
  • THE INFERNAL WILLOW INFERNO by S.Wyman. The author describes the renovation of a pond shoreline infested with willows.
  • DIFFERENT SUNFISH LIVE DIFFERENT LIVES (KYPL) by B.Lusk. Bluegill, redear sunfish, green sunfish, hybrid sunfish, pumpkinseeds, warmouth and crappie are discussed.
  • BALANCING YOUR POND'S GREEN BANK by G.Sullivan. Tolerating and managing pond plants toward a balanced healthy system is described in 3 examples.
  • MOVING EXCESS WATER by M.Otto. Pond overflow and spillway pipes are investigated and explained.
  • NORTHERN PIKE IN POND MANAGEMENT by D.Willis. Feeding habits and pros & cons are explained for northern pike.
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September/October 2004