November/December 2004

  • MGMT MINI POND – Analyzing Water. Some basic facts about water and its distribution on earth.
  • THE POND AT DRY HEAVES by M.Scotto. An Army veteran describes his small backyard pond on Long Island NY.
  • POND BOSS WORLD TOUR III by B.Lusk. Ed's pond visits are described for Fred Bingaman, 2.7 ac, IL, Bill Boone 3 ac, TX, Scott Johnson 3.5 ac,TN, and Mark Williams 4 ac, AK.
  • BLUE CATFISH … PORTLY POND FISH? by B.Lusk Behavior, habits, requirements and availability of blue catfish; their role in pond management.
  • WHAT'S MY FISH CAUGHT? by S.Banks. (KNPL) The 5 most common types of fish parasites are shown and explained.
  • SUMMER 2004 SHAD & FISH RECRUITMENT 101. by S.Wyman. A good description of how threadfin shad can improve a LMB and bgill populations in a 10 ac TX lake.
  • A SPILLWAY IS A SPILLWAY OR IS IT? by M.Otto. Good basic information about spillways.
  • CONSIDER DEER.. ALTERNATIVE LIVESTOCK FOR SMALL LANDS by D.VanSchaik. Basics about how to get started raising deer (cervid ranching).
  • SPRUCE UP YOUR POND by D.Willis. Selection, placement, anchoring methods, and aging / duration of Christmas trees as structure for fish.
  • STRUCTURING FISH COVER. Short note. What type of cover is best for numerous types of sport fishes.
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November/December 2004