January/February 2005

  • WALLEYES IN NORTHERN PONDS. D. Willis discusses basics of walleyes for ponds, includes chart of ave lengths and wts.
  • POPULATION CENSUS & EVALUATION CONTROL. VanSchaik discusses proper whitetail deer mgmt.
  • BIG BASS LIVE WHERE THEY ARE. Lusk describes how Tanner & son caught a lg Lake Carroll GA lmb, and looked at other big bass from 30 ac Fin & Feather Club, and Stan Graff's big one in TX.
  • DO FISH HAVE DIRECTIONAL HEARING? Ralph Manns explores hearing and sound perception in fishes.
  • WILL A WELL FILL YOUR WELL-HEELED POND? Lusk looks at wells for keeping pond full of water.
  • PICKING THE FRUIT. Wyman describes how he revitalized a large TX ranch.
  • LEAKY PONDS MAY BE RESURRECTED WITH BENTONITE. Lusk discusses basics for use of bentonite.
  • SIMPLY SPEAKING OF SOILS. Otto discusses soil types and their usability in building ponds.
  • ICE SKATING Basics of maintaining ice for good skating.
  • THE STORY OF MY POND. Shawn Svob describes how he rebuilt a 5 ac pond.
  • THOUGHTFULLY BUILDING A POND. Lusk describes the basic steps for designing a pond.
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January/February 2005