March/April 2005

  • SEPARATING WHEAT FROM CHAFF. Myths and Mysteries of Wildlife Management. VanSchaik. Deer forage items, quail hints, birds of prey diets, chiggers & pheasants, wild hog problems, proper protein for bird feeding
  • BUILDING THE PERFECT BLUEGILL. Condello discusses his 3-step method for raising trophy sized bluegills.
  • LARGEMOUTHS & SMALLMOUTHS IN THE SAME POND? Willis explores his experiences and advice about feasibility of co-habitation of SMB & LMB in sm ponds.
  • SWIMMER'S ITCH. Lusk gives details about swimmers itch.
  • SUNFLOWERS AND SKUNKS. Wyman gives hints about benefits of sunflowers and some basics about skunks.
  • LIQUID MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL. B.James - kayak and canoe basics
  • SHORING THE SHORELINE. Otto explores the proper shoreline slope and shoreline design fundamentals.
  • BIG BASS IN SMALL PONDS. Short article of small pond basics by Lusk
  • TILAPIA …. NATURES INSURANCE POLICY. L.Hartley's experiences with tilapia as supplemental forage for bass.
  • ARE TILAPIA GOOD FOR YOUR POND? Lusk points out several considerations before adding tilapia.
  • GYPSUM APPLIED EASILY. Lusk describes McFarland's simple method for adding this powdery water clearing agent.
  • HOW SMART ARE BASS? Point and Counter Point by Ralph Manns and B.Lusk; intelligence vs conditioning and how it affects bass behavior
  • SePRO buys Zeneca's 410 ac NC research facility. Testing & research will continue.
  • IS CLEAR WATER GOOD? Short article describing basic differences in productivity of clear and fertile water.
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March/April 2005