May/June 2010

  • BLUEGILL – BACKBONE OR BANE? NORTH VS SOUTH. Dave Beasly looks at the pros and cons of bluegill in the north and south and how best to manage them.
  • HYBRID BLUEGILL. Lusk reviews the pros and cons, carrying capacity and options for these fish.
  • REDEAR SUNFISH. Justin VanDeHey & Willis provide lots of good information about redear sunfish and how to utilize the benefit of low reproduction. Include four references.
  • OL' BLUE. A DAY IN THE LIFE. Bruce Condello describes the daily activity patterns of a 7" bluegill.
  • SUNFISH SO WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Cornwell describes the features and habits of bluegill, redear sunfish, pumpkinseed, redbreast sunfish, warmouth and green sunfish.
  • SPRING GROWTH. VanSchaik explains basic benefits and food habits of animal reproduction for bobwhite quail, wild turkey, mourning doves, rodents and small mammals, water fowl, aquatic fur bearers, whitetail deer, coyote, bobcat, red fox, raccoon, and skunks.
  • FEED TRAINED REDEARS MADE EASY. Theo Gallus tells how he trained 26 redear sunfish in his basement aquaculture system to eat fish pellets.
  • HYBRID CRAPPIE Lusk discusses the fate of crappie in small ponds and new work that is being done by J.M.Malone & Sons to produce hybrid crappie.
  • SMALL POND BIG BLUEGILL. Cody tells how to select and grow trophy sized bluegill by stocking just males to mimimize their reproduction into small ponds. Pros and cons discussed.
  • BEAVER – SHOULD THEY STAY OR SHOULD THEY GO? Mitchell discusses the beaver, its pros & cons in your pond neighborhood.
  • THE PERFECT BLUEGILL POND. Otto describes pond design features that are beneficial for producing quality bluegills.
  • CUCKOLDRY AND NESTING HABITS OF BLUEGILL. Shawn Banks explains the specialized breeding habits of bluegills and best management practices.
  • COPPERNOSE BLUEGILL VS REGULAR BLUEGILL – WHICH ONE FOR YOU? West looks at the features and benefits of these two stains of bluegill.
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May/June 2010