March/April 2011
The March-April 2011 issue of Pond Boss is brimming with information you can use. Want to learn more about the Pond Boss IV Conference & Expo (April 14-16, 2011)? Bob Lusk shares exciting news about the program and announces the keynote speaker, outdoor television legend, Alan Warren. Read about who benefits from the silent auction and why. Learn about the fishing tournament, the Expo and more! Complete program information and registration form is included in the center spread.

This issue also shows you how to lease your property and create cash flow with minimal risk. Learn the features of several pond boats, the importance of planning in pond construction and how to raise big bluegill. Discover government programs for wildlife and how to create brush pile habitat. Read about one writer’s take on the future of water. Get a glimpse at the world of genetics and enjoy a comparison of pike. Read a real-world story about a pond built next to a school. All of this and our regular columns in this issue of Pond Boss magazine! Subscribe now. It will be the best – and cheapest - $35 you’ve ever spent. We promise.

In This Issue:

  • Pond Boss IV Conference & Expo. Keynote speaker Alan Warren, program information, silent auction.
  • Goose your Geese. It’s what they leave behind that troubles your pond.
  • Leasing out Your Lake or Pond. An expert examines the pros and cons.

When you are talking about fish, know there are colloquial regional names. A white crappie, for example, may be called a white perch in Texas… even though there really IS a white perch… in the northern part of the country. In Louisiana, the same crappie is called a sacalait (sock-a-lay), while in other parts of the nation white crappie might be called papermouth, barn door, crappy. The same goes for most of the other species of fish. In this case, a fish may not be exactly what you think it is.
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March/April 2011