September/October 2018

In This Issue:

Trends in Pond Management

The Good Aquatic Insects

Picking Your Horses To Win... Culling to the Championship

Nothing is Perfect Including Pond Management Recommendations

Getting to the Core of the Project

Walleye, the Other White Meat

Making Assumptions in Pond Management

The Value of Riparian Zones

How Can Water be Anoxic, and Still be Water?

Living the King Fisher Legacy

In Retrospect

Our Swimming Pond

The Welcoming Ways of Water

Check, Before You Write the Check

The Curious Case of Blackjack Pond

Quantitative Compared to Qualitative... More than Big Words?

Fall Checklist to Help Birds, Bats, Bees and Butterflies

Largemouth Bass Genetic Sub-species Questions

Catfish with Pecan Sauce
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September/October 2018