July. August 2021
In this issue:

Building Lake Deanna Part 1

Legendary Fish for a Legendary Ranch

Aquatic Plants in Summer

Purina Research Farm Lake

Early Summer Water Crisis

Promising New Method of Wild Hog Control?

Where are the Small Ones?

Finalizing the Plan

Objective: Bass Crowded- Sometimes More IS Better

Catch and Release Fishing

One Moody Little Spring

Tips to Enjoy a Humdinger Ending to Summer

Hot Summer Water- Tips to Better manage Your Pond

Dissolved Oxygen in Water- A Major Concern in Sportfish Ponds

Intermittent Solar bottom-Diffused Aeration- How Effective in a Highly Eutrophic Pond?

Summer Fish Kills- It's Not Simply an Oxygen Depletion

Adaptation vs. Evolution in Fish- Is it more About Genetics or Environment?

Deanna Graves' Grandmother's Chicken and Noodles
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July.August 2021