September/October 2021
In this issue:

Livin' the Dream- Part 1 A Novice's Steep Learning Curve

Building Lake Deanna- Part 2 Construction: Zoning In

For Lake Managers Only: Worth the Weight

Pre-Mediatated Murder- Don't Kill your pond with complacency

Revitalize Your Fishery: Reducing Phosphorus

Are Your Predators Wild or Domestic?

Too Much of a Good Thing

Preparing the Site: Clearing Trees to Trenches

Summer Oxygen Depletions- Dead Fish Don't a Turnover Make

Questions About a Pond: Seining Answers Questions

Finally... We Have a Lake

September- A Great Time to Start Feeding Songbirds

Should You Harvest Fish?

Interesting Phenomena: Whiting (or Whitening)

Which Northern Fishes Play a Role?

Late Summer Expectations

Unbalance Bottleneck

Bluegill Cakes
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September/October 2021