July/August 1992

  • Letters & e-mails: A. Browish-green grassy looking weeds? B. What are lesions or worm like attachments and spots in bass mouths?
  • HOW BIG FROM HOW SMALL? Tiny lakes produce trophy bass. Basic concepts are discussed for growing trophy bass. Includes a short section for catching trophy bass.
  • FEEDING YOUR CATFISH. Basic information for getting started growing big catfish.
  • PLANNING, PLANTING FOR WATERFOWL. Suggestions for vegetation planting in summer that produces attractive food for ducks and geese in fall.
  • CONTROLLING TURTLES – NO SWEAT. The role of turtles in the pond and a couple suggestions for their control.
  • NATURE'S WEED EATER. Grass carp a curse or cure-all? A clear-eyed look at this controversial fish for use in private waters. INSERT: What's a triploid? The process of producing triploid fish is briefly explained.
  • DEALING WITH DISSOLVED OXYGEN. Factors that lead to dissolved oxygen problems are explained. Preventing oxygen loss described.
  • Mark McDonald, Pond Boss editor profiled.
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July/August 1992