September/October 1992

  • CUSTOMERS WRITE: Praise for the inaugural issue.
  • COOK'S CORNER. No–brainer dove. Recipe for grilling dove breasts.
  • BASS OR CATFISH? Key factors are explained for which species is best suited for your body of water; size, turbidity, vegetation, and pond use.
  • DRAWING DEER: Wise planning attracts wild game to your pond. Ways to start drawing wildlife to the pond are presented.
  • BULLISH ON BLUEGILLS. Size differences explored. Ideas for growing bigger bluegills. Included - Bluegill Anglers Tackle Checklist.
  • A VERY SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT. Fish electroshocking as a sampling tool is explored.
  • CLUBBED TO DEATH. Joining forces may add fun. The benefits of fishing clubs are explained. Some goals of clubs are discussed.
  • BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Water hyacinth is described. Growth habits and control techniques are discussed.
  • SHORT CASTS AND LING SHOTS. Short notes about; A. Winter rainbows, B. New Liteline by Fenwick, C. Killer hogs, D. Mountqin lion in Texas, E. Grass carp popular.
  • THE SHOOTIN' GALALERY. Photos of some readers fishing and hunting.
  • WHAT'S NEW DEPARTMENT. Big Bite Jig by Jawtec is profiled.
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September/October 1992