March/April 1993

  • Letters & e-mails: A. Pros & cons of alligators in TX. B. Rebuilt pond stocking. C. Beaver control.
  • CUSTOMERS ALWAYS WRITE. A. Reader has fishing raft plans. B. Rainbow trout as forage. C. Karmex is harmful.
  • MINI-BOATS, MAXI-ACTION. Selection of small boats allow for accessibility to fish many smaller water bodies. Several small boats reviewed.
  • BOOST YOUR FISH PRODUCTION – SAFELY. Guidance and tips for increasing fish production through a proper fertilization program. Includes info when not to fertilize. Note about: Guidelines when to fertilize from Alabama Co-Op Extension Service.
  • JUST HOW OLD IS OLD? By Roy Heidinger. NY angler catches 24 yr old largemouth bass. Interview with Heidinger elaborates on life spans of bass in various parts of the US.
  • LOG YOUR HOGS . Catch Records Help Pond Managers Monitor Their Gamefish Populations. Guidelines and benefits for keeping track of angler catches. Sample form provided.
  • SOME PRIVATE CLUBS BAN FISH AT WEIGH-INS. More clubs using catch records for contests.
  • THE CRAYFISH BACKS INTO KEY ROLE. Crayfish are examined and described as beneficial forage in ponds.
  • WHAT'S NEW IN TOYS AND TOOLS. Toyota's T100 full-size pick up profiled. Rubbermaid ProSeries tackle boxes described.
  • CHECK EARLY FOR RUNAWAY WEED GROWTH. Things to watch for early season weed growth and when to start control techniques.
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March/April 1993