May/June 1993

  • Letters & e-mails: A. Leaking dam advice. B. Control for vegetation? C. Second fertilizer application? D. Why skinny bass after six months?
  • CUSTOMERS WRITE. A. Ponds good for fly fishing. B. Magazine request from prison. C. Praise mail.
  • STOCKING FLORIDA BASS. Benefits of Florida bass presented. Overstocking bass discussed. Decide your goals for bass fishing.
  • CATFISH NOT SPAWNING? ADD COVER. Suggestions for types of spawning habitat for the catfish.
  • SHORT. TRY FINESSE ON TROPHY FORIDA BASS. These bass can be more wary. Refined fishing tactics presented.
  • POACHER PROOFING. Several ways for dealing with fish stealers are presented by Bob Lusk.
  • NATURE GETS NASTY. Several methods for controlling beavers are presented.
  • POND CHORUS LED BY UNSUNG BLUEGILL. Excerpt was taken from Basic Pond Management about bluegills and their benefits as a forage item and gamefish.
  • WHAT'S NEW IN TOYS AND TOOLS. A. Cabela's Float Tube. B. Hidden Head Worm Hook. C. Pro 5 Spinning Reel (Sterling).
  • GRASS CARP CHECKING WEEDS NATURALLY. Weeds inevitable in water less than 3 ft. Benefits of grass carp discussed.
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May/June 1993