July/August 1993

  • Letters & e-mails: A. How to get more medium sized bass? B. Best way to renovate old pond? C. Preventing water loss. D. What are nutria?
  • FOR HEAVY BASS TRY LIGHT GEAR. Some fishing methods using lighter tackle.
  • THEY CALLED IT "ELMERS FOLLY". Elmer Hedlund is profiled. His fish raising techniques outlined.
  • POND OWNER MAY PICK FROM MANY AERATOR STYLES. Five styles of aerators are briefly described.
  • STARTING OVER. Rotenone as a fish poison is discussed.
  • TO EAT OR NOT TO EAT….. Feasibility of eating fish killed by rotenone is discussed.
  • PREVENT A FISH KILL. Mac McCune describes the causes for natural fish kills and several ways to help reduce the chance of fish kills.
  • POND OWNERS MAY DUCK WINTER PLANTS. Ways to attract waterfowl to your pond or lake.
  • STOCKING CRAPPIE A JUGGLING ACT. Crappie characters and habits are explained.
  • WHAT'S NEW IN TOYS AND TOOLS. Sweeney AF1 Fish Feeder described.
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July/August 1993