September/October 1993

  • Letters & e-mails: A. How to start tagging fish. B. Fall stocking date for rainbows? C. Fertilizer and parasites in a flow through pond? D. Will filamentous algae return? Pond Boss Recipe – Un-cola Chicken. Basting sauce for grilled chicken.
  • BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME. Several Texas pay lakes for trophy bass fishing are profiled.
  • PLAYING THE WEIGHTING GAME. Shop around for the best fish for your pond stocking. More expensive fish can be better deal.
  • FISHING FOR THE PAST . Randy Bishop's trout fishing experiences at Rainbow Springs Lake, Colorado.
  • POND BOSS READER SURVEY. Questionnaire.
  • HYBRID STRIPERS A POND OPTION. Features and habits of hybrid striped bass are presented.
  • OUR CUSTOMERS WRITE. Compliments from readers .
  • BEWARE REGS ON ROTENONE. Clarification of the current state and federal laws regarding rotenone.
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September/October 1993