November/December 1993

  • OUR CUSTOMERS ALWAYS WRITE: Readers Compliments.
  • MURKY WATER. Some experiences with using grass carp. Amur of 65 pounds was shot in Lake Whitney.
  • SURPRISE!. Reader questionaire proves revealing. Survey details reviewed.
  • POND BOSS FIELD NOTES. 11.5 pound LMB; grass carp reduce chemical costs; wedding ring found in catfish; grass carp movement in current; shrimp farming; soil evaluation for pond building.
  • FLORIDA BASS ALTER GENETICS. Adding new bass can improve the gene pool of your bass.
  • FIGHT WEEDS WITH DRAW-DOWN. How a water draw-down can help control weed problems.
  • HARVEST YOUR BASS SELECTIVELY. Ideas for the water farmer to properly harvest the right sizes of bass to achieve the goals for your fishery.
  • TILAPIA, CRAYFISH ON OPTION LIST. A few pros offer advice to improve the forage food base for your fishery.
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November/December 1993