January/February 1994

  • Cover Story. Smart Bass? Pond owners may be taking fish to school. Exploring hook-smart fish. Research results. Hints to prevent lockjaw bass.
  • Adjusting Your Bag Limits. B. Lusk. Sample catch record form provided.
  • Customers Write. A. 15 ac renovated pond looking forward to PB pond book. B. SC 40 ac lake fish club describe improvements.
  • "Resting" Calms Lure Shy Bass.
  • PB Field Notes. A. Plankton bloom test. B. Texans catch pair of 13 lb bass. C. M.Johnson stocks hyb stripers. D. Brazilian Elodea chokes 20 ac lake.
  • Check Vegetation Early. Weed management tips.
  • Bluegill Restock Themselves. Bgill is bread and butter forage.
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January/February 1994