November/December 1994

  • Cover Story. Grow Monster Bluegill. Coppernose bgill described & explored.
  • Big Bass On A Budget. Profile of mgmt efforts at Lake Junkpile, lease ranch.
  • PB Field Notes. A. Turtles rarely a problem. B. Grass carp problem in TX? C. Fisheries man describes survey of two ponds.
  • Customers Write: Are free AK Game&Fish a true value?
  • PB Field Test. Nikon N50 camera tested.
  • Watch For Grubs In Your Gamefish. Yellow grug detailed, life cycle and control.
  • Grass Carp Study, TX regs too rigid. G.carp in TX explored. G.carp use in Lk Kiowa.
  • Seminar Tour Hits The Road. PBoss 1995 seminar tour described.
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November/December 1994