May/June 1995

  • Cover Story. Fueling Your Forage. Things to do to improve the forage base and raise bigger bass.
  • Florida Fisheries Face 'Crisis'. Hydrilla big problem in FL lakes.
  • Getting To Root Of The Problem. Grass carp & catfish sometimes not a good combination.
  • Customers Write. A. FL bass in Illinois? B. PBoss 3 ring binder? C. Would crayfish be helpful in 31 ac lake?
  • There's No Ducking Big Bass. Duck hunting lakes grow big bass plus five features common to big bass fisheries.
  • PBoss Field Notes. A. Lk Junkpile featured on "American Outdoors". B. Private ponds support lots of fishing. C. New Book: E. Hedlund's "Fish Farming, Tall Tales and Short Stories". D. 4 lb 10oz crappie at Ottawa Co. OK. E. #'s of Grass carp per acre for several states.
  • Book Review. "Bassin' With A Fly Rod".
  • Rotenone Best On Warm Cloudy Days. Tips for using rotenone.
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May/June 1995