November/December 1995

  • Cover Story. Fish Kills. Overgrown weeds, warm water lead to major fish die offs. By M.McCune
  • Field Notes. A. Fish growth benefits after low water levels. B. Problems with stockpiling fish. C. TN prison buys "Basic Pond Mgmt" by B.Lusk. D. Hydrila problem in south and SE.
  • Build Your Own Feeder Square (feeder ring for $20).
  • Travel Article. Have Rod Will Travel. Trout Becon in WY.
  • Bittersweet Twist. TX bass study disproves old myth. Time of year bass are hooked important for survival.
  • Ask PBoss. A. Survivability of pellet fed LMB. B. Cattail control. C. Benefits of shad for bass.
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November/December 1995