January/February 1996

  • Cover Story. Cutting Back. Tips from the Pros On Winter Feeding. Lusk, Arms, and Edwards offer feeding tips during cold weather.
  • Snow Cap Puts Fish On Ice. Ouwinga (MI) & Michell (CO) offer tips to prevent winter kill.
  • Mixing The Forage Base. Job one is to rebuild the bottom of the food chain then reduce competition for food. How fishery in a 27 ac pond in Kerrville was improved.
  • ASK PBOSS. How to catch gizzard shad on rod & reel and the bait used. Weed Patrol. Get An Early Start on Summer Vegetation. How to stay ahead of summer weeds.
  • Lure Wildlife to Your Pond.
  • POND TO PLATE. Panfried fish with peppers onions and celery (or canned salsa).
  • FIELD NOTES. Subscriber Honored for Management. Mark Waston wins National award for fish & game mgmt.
  • Fishing Expert Sees Bright Fisheries Future. J.Lock extension specialist keen on stocking private and public waters. His study showed that 70% of total bass in a 2 ac pond could be caught with lures in less than 2 wks.
  • Obituary for Clarence Zwahr - Danbury Fish Farms.
  • Customers Write.
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January/February 1996